Harrington Electric Co. Completes Customized Data Center Modernization Project


Brian Robinette
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It’s a fact that in today’s cyber-linked business world, we’re increasingly relying on our computers, communications and networking platforms to achieve success. So nothing can be more harmful or counterproductive to an operation than a system failure caused by a loss of power.

Harrington Electric Co. knows the vital importance of continuous, reliable power, which is why we use our vast experience and expertise to design, build and maintain custom critical power infrastructures for our customers.

From a 750kVA UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) platform, to closed-transition automatic transfer switches with a generator upgrade, or a simple rack mounted 5kVA UPS, we can design and install an N+1 redundancy solution to help achieve the critical systems reliability that today’s workplace demands.

Take for example a recent Lithium-Ion battery cabinet installation project (see photo) that we just completed for a large local data center UPS which replaced an outdated lead-acid battery plant. This complex project was custom-designed with the intent of maintaining redundancy to critical downstream loads throughout a phased installation process.