Industrial Services

Harrington has performed work at manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, refineries, fuel storage facilities, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, and many other locations with industrial applications.

Industrial projects require slightly different skills compared to commercial and institutional work.  For example, Safety is by necessity an even higher priority on industrial projects.  There are many more conditions that might contribute to the potential for accidents to occur – involving our workers, and also the end-users of the facilities.  Harrington utilizes site-specific safety plans to eliminate these potential risks.

Industrial work also requires the use of industrial-grade electrical materials such as rigid conduit, PVC coated rigid conduit, stainless steel products, heavy-duty enclosures, and custom steel supports.  Industrial processes often utilize programmable controllers, automation products, and special cabling.  Harrington Electric Co. has several master electricians who are experienced with and enjoy this type of work.

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