Energy Services

Take advantage of significant energy savings, reduced operating expenses and improved environment.

LED Lighting Retrofit

Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.

Harrington Electric Co. is a leading provider of LED Lighting Retrofit solutions in northeast Ohio.

We’ll be happy to provide a free audit of your facility and offer solutions for Energy Savings – complete with a Return-On-Investment analysis to help your team make good decisions.


  • Significant Lighting Energy Reduction
  • Significant Reduction to Air Conditioning Load
  • Significant Electric Bill Savings
  • Improved longevity of LED lighting products (5 to 10 years)
  • Significant Savings Due to Reduced Maintenance Requirements vs. Fluorescent and HID Lighting
  • Improved Lighting Quality Due to Broader Light Spectrum
  • Enhance Productivity for Workers
  • Enhance Learning Environment for Students

Lamp and Ballast Recycling

EPA approved recycling is good for the environment.

Harrington’s Lights-Out Division offers EPA approved recycling of Fluorescent and HID lamp and ballast recycling.

Primary-Metered Power Conversion

Realize savings by replacing your utility transformer(s) with an owner-furnished transformer.

Save at least 25% by purchasing Primary-metered power instead of Secondary-metered power. There is no trade-off in power reliability. Your power is still delivered via utility company distribution lines that are fully maintained similar to conventional utility service.

Primary power conversion is encouraged by First Energy (and other utilities) and involves collaboration with the power company to comply with their design and metering standards.

Electric Utility Rate Reduction

Reduce your electric utility rate.

Harrington Electric Co. partners with Ohio Energy Management to provide lower electric utility rates for our customers. The rate reduction is achieved by lowering the generation component of your electric bill.

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