Smart Exit-Egress Lights Save Time and Manpower

This amazing technology is capable of self-testing in compliance with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, and will save maintenance staff time engaged with monthly verification of exit light effectiveness.

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Bill Davis, the Founder and CEO of Echo Health was so taken aback by the beautiful sculpture work of Port Clinton, Ohio artist Andy Sacksteder, that he commissioned Sacksteder to create a piece specifically for Davis’ company. The result was a dramatic sculpture titled, “Freedom,” which depicts a man releasing a rehabbed bald eagle into the wild.

Installed in the main lobby of the Echo Health headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, the larger-than-life sculpture stands atop a large boulder, accentuating the naturally lit surroundings.

But as the sun would set and the natural light dimmed in the building’s lobby, the sculpture seemed to lose some of its beautiful characteristics. So the lighting experts at Harrington Electric were called upon to provide a lighting solution that would showcase the sculpture’s beauty around the clock.

The project involved excavating the lobby floor to lay wiring and install special in-ground mounted spotlights. That meant taking up the original marble tiling, saw cutting through a thick concrete foundation, and digging more than a foot down to install four individual base lights and connect the power source. Then the process reversed, re-pouring the concrete and replacing the tiled floor.

The result is nothing short of brilliance. The sculpture is now illuminated via a main controller accessed through a phone-based application that allows the user to adjust the lighting intensity and angle for each individual lighting unit, while automating on/off timing of the lights to coincide with the building’s operational hours.

Already impressive in its grandeur, “Freedom” can now be fully appreciated by staff and visitors at all hours of the day.