5 Reasons to Modernize Your Elevators

Improve the operation of that old lift, save money, make users increasingly happy, and boost up one of your facility’s most critical assets.

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Elevator Modernization & Maintenance Services

  • Elevator Pit Lighting & Wiring
  • Equipment Room Lighting & Wiring
  • Controller Power Feeder Lines
  • Equipment Re-Wiring
  • Phone Line & Communications Upgrade
  • Fire & Safety System Review
  • Elevator Car Lighting
  • Touch Panel Wiring & Installation

Did You Know??


If you enter an elevator and find that the fire hat symbol on the main car operating panel is flashing, it indicates that a smoke or heat detector, or other fault, has been activated in the elevator machine room or hoistway containing equipment that services that group of elevators.

Fun Fact

The Otis Elevator Co.

On March 23, 1857, Elisha Graves Otis, founder of the Otis Elevator Co., installed the first commercial passenger elevator at the five-story EV Haughwout & Co. department store in New York City.

170 years have passed, and World Elevator Day is celebrated annually on 3/23. 

Here’s some helpful information that’s sure to lift you up: You can greatly enhance the performance of the elevator in your building without the immense cost of overhauling the entire system. Through an elevator modernization service, you can improve the operation of that old lift, save money, make users increasingly happy, and boost up one of your facility’s most critical assets.

Elevators have come a long way in the past decade, with innovative improvements affecting just about every component of the lift operation. And while the average user simply thinks about pushing a button to go up or come down, facility managers lose sleep over the behind-the-scenes components that could make or break an elevator on any given day. That’s why they rely on elevator experts to analyze and update the unseen elements of the operation, such as controllers, motors, wiring, communications, door operations, fire and safety.

Working alongside the professionals from Otis Elevator Co. – the company that invented the elevator – Harrington Electric professionals assist in upgrading and installing the electrical power that feeds the many components related to the operation of the system. And based on our vast experience in this area, we’ve identified five key benefits that building owners and facility managers realize when modernizing their elevators.


The electronics that guide the elevator operation have not only vastly improved, they’ve equally reduced the physical footprint of the drive system. Even elevator car lift belts have been re-engineered, requiring less turning radius at the motor and thus greatly reducing space requirements. Microprocessor technology in the controller ensures very reliable communication between all elevator components, and quickly pinpoints operational issues that could result in downtime (aka, taking the steps).


Modern elevators are now equipped with user touch pads and card readers that can be easily customized to work in conjunction with the building’s design, traffic and security needs. On the safety front, upgraded elevator systems streamline the communications with fire and safety forces in the event of an emergency.


Today’s highly efficient system components can lead to overall energy savings on several fronts, from LED lighting fixtures that consume less energy and last up to 10 times longer than conventional fixtures, to braking mechanisms that send once-wasted energy right back to the building’s electrical grid.


Elevator modernization projects add both form and functionality to enhance the aesthetics of the facility, from lighting that compliments the building’s design and convenient high-tech user controls, to drive systems that offer a host of noise reduction benefits.


Upgraded elevators provide reliable, consistent operational performance which means you’ll have less frustrated occupants, and spend less time worrying about how tenants and visitors will move from the first floor to their destination floor.

If your building’s elevator is constantly on the blink, or you’ve received an inspector-mandated upgrade notice, or you simply want to enhance the operation of your current lift system, give us a call and our elevator modernization specialists will take you to new heights.