FEC Alliance Provides Nationwide Access to Prime Electrical Contractors

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Tom Morgan
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(216) 361-5101

Does your company operate facilities outside of Northeast Ohio? Harrington Electric can assist you in locating top-quality electrical contractors virtually anywhere in the United States.

Harrington is proud to be a member of the Federated Electrical Contractors, a national peer group of 30 premiere electrical contractors located across the U.S., including members in Puerto Rico and Ontario, Canada.

FEC launched in 1964 and adds members to its ranks by invitation only. Harrington Electric Co. was honored to be inducted into the group in 2000.

FEC member companies participate in three “parent” meetings annually which are designed to share best practices among non-competing businesses. Employees from member companies also participate in sub-groups such as the Safety Group, Purchasing Group, and Advance Technology Group.

One of the main practices of the FEC organization is to provide opportunities for its members to partner on joint-venture projects. For instance, Harrington partnered with an FEC Contractor to perform the electrical work on the Cleveland Clinic Data Center, as well as many other Cleveland-area projects over the years.

Often, an FEC contractor may have a customer in their home town, and the client has several branches in other parts of the country. The FEC Network provides a reliable resource of quality electrical contractors to these national accounts. In other words, Harrington Electric, as an FEC partner, can support work across the United States for its customers.

Interested in learning more? Visit www.fec.org where you can see FEC’s national reach.