Powering Up New Production Equipment For Stretchtape

Harrington Electric professionals install the power to operate a high-speed printing press that is working overtime to accommodate a growing demand for the company’s custom printed products.

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Tom Morgan
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There’s nothing better than assisting businesses in growing their operations when they expand into new facilities or acquire new high-tech equipment. For Harrington Electric professionals, that assistance is usually provided behind the scenes, installing and supplying the energy, lighting and other electrical components required to power up a new workplace or switch on newly installed machinery.

This scenario played out recently at Stretchtape, a Cleveland-based leading supplier of converted polyethylene and polypropylene stretch films and related products for the packaging industry. Simply put, the company supplies specialty stretch films that secure pallets of bundled boxes, 55-gallon drums, and other packaged goods that need to be safely and securely moved, stored, shipped or handled.

Stretchtape also produces a line of custom printed and branded products that include poly bags, tubing and even barricade tape (think “Caution” tape).

The company’s expanding custom printed product line was the main reason Stretchtape recently purchased a high-speed Heidelberg printing press to be installed in its 120,000-square-foot building in downtown Cleveland.

Installation of the new press required a precision foundation to be poured for the gigantic machine, and special power requirements to make the press run. And that’s where Harrington Electric took charge.

The Harrington crew worked with outside construction engineers to bring new distributed service into the Stretchtape facility, connecting the power to the printing press, and even providing new lighting services to the work area.

The result of the project is a fully operational, high-speed printing press that is working overtime to accommodate Stretchtape’s growing demand for its custom printed products.