Empowering Infrastructure

Updating Electrical Design to Support HVAC Improvements at the Cleveland Police Department 2nd District

Harrington Contact:

Brian Robinette
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The Cleveland Police Department 2nd District project exemplifies the transformative power of strategic infrastructure enhancements. By fortifying the electrical grid to support an upgraded HVAC system, the facility is now secure in its modernization, efficiency, comfort, and emergency backup.

At the Cleveland Police Department’s 2nd District facility on Fulton Road in Cleveland, Harrington Electric Co. is contributing to a large infrastructure improvement project that is underway to revitalize the electrical systems that will power brand new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems which are crucial for the year-round comfort of the District’s first-responders and the Cleveland’s finest.

The need for the project stems from past challenges faced by the aging facility, including recurrent heating failures, air conditioning malfunctions, and critical pump failures. The lack of reliable HVAC services not only disrupted the comfort of occupants but also posed operational risks. Consequently, the city sought assistance to fortify the infrastructure against future issues.

Beginning January, 2024, (with an anticipated completion date in September 2024), the project entails a comprehensive overhaul of the electrical infrastructure, necessitating close coordination with energy suppliers First Energy and Cleveland Public Power. The scope involves augmenting power sources, integrating redundancy mechanisms through generators, and implementing manual and automatic transfer switching systems for seamless transitions during outages.

The end result of the project will be a highly effective electrical power system that will fortify the HVAC infrastructure of the 2nd District building, with dual service entrances and a robust backup generator system.

Utilizing a design that integrates advanced power back-up technologies and manual failover procedures for critical power, the facility will be protected against power disruptions, safeguarding essential services around the clock.

“The CPD project underscores the importance of proactive planning and design, and effective collaboration between suppliers, builders and other stakeholders,” commented Brian Robinette, vice president of Service at Harrington Electric Co., who along with Brian Leroy, contributed to the design, development and installation of the new electrical system. “The facility will soon be equipped to handle the power demands from its new HVAC system, while being protected with a critical power redundancy system. The foresight in this planning will greatly reduce downtime in any future emergency situation.”

Central to the success of the project has been the relationship between Harrington Electric Co. and the very capable mechanical contracting crew from Smith & Oby. “We have a seamless interaction with their head end team, estimators, design guys, and others that greatly helps in planning, and raising any red flags in the design process,” Robinette noted. “It’s a great collaboration.”