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Harrington Electric Co. provides a higher level of professionalism and expertise in the preventing, diagnosing, and correcting of a facility's electrical power reliability and quality problems. Our Preventive Maintenance Service focuses on minimizing both unexpected power outages and potential electrical fire hazards. Electrical preventive maintenance is the best and most cost-effective protection against sudden power outages and power quality problems caused by today's electronic equipment.

Effective preventive maintenance enhances a business' productivity and profitability by reducing business downtime as well as the cost of owning and operating facilities.

We at Harrington Electric are very proud of our ability to diagnose power distribution system problems and offer cost effective solutions.

Preventive Maintenance and Diagnostic Services Offered

Priority Emergency Service - Nobody can get you back on-line faster.
  • 24 hours service - you make only one call
  • Fully stocked trucks - we have the parts you need or will get them quickly to minimize downtime
  • Knowledge of your electrical system - our experience with your system reduces your cost
Energized Preventive Maintenance - Diagnostic testing and most of the critical preventive maintenance is performed with the system energized.
  • Infrared, harmonics, true RMS, power factor and ultrasonic tests - catastrophic failures, hazards and fire risks can be reduced
  • Visual Inspection - hazardous conditions can be detected by the professional
  • Insurance - preventive maintenance exceeds insurance requirements, holding down premiums
  • Hot spots - eliminating hot spots reduces your energy cost
De-Energized Preventive Maintenance - It is very important to schedule downtime and perform essential tasks on all electrical equipment and components. We have the resources to perform the work swiftly and correctly.
  • Inspect and retorque connections - eliminates high resistance connections that waste energy and pose a fire hazard
  • Clean and vacuum components - eliminates risk of electrical explosion
  • Resistance test (Megger) bus bars, cable and motor windings - prevents outages due to faults
Switchgear Maintenance - Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine published the following quote in their January, 1995 issue.

"Switchgear installed by contractors in the late 60s and 70s to meet the increasing load demands of industry began to fail in the 80s and 90s. These failures have been documented and are available in the IEEE and Doble Engineering Minute reports. This failure trend will continue in spite of state-of-the-art changes in construction techniques and installation methods unless preventive maintenance steps are taken."

Infrared Testing and Reporting - Infrared testing detects loose connections, current overload and defective insulators that cause safety hazards and outages.
  • Certified electricians - provide reliable test result interpretation
  • Energized tests - equipment remains in operation
  • Insurance - meets insurance requirements and may reduce your premium cost
  • Predictive Maintenance - replace before failure
  • Documentation - document deficiencies to enable remedial action
Harmonics Testing and Reporting - Computers, copiers, electronic lighting ballasts, UPSs, elevators and variable speed drives create harmonics.
  • Test and report level contamination - reduce life safety hazards and downtime risks
  • Watt-hour meter errors - minimize electric meter errors and reduce your electrical cost
  • Computer memory loss - memory loss is a costly business disruption
  • Energy waste - preventing the overheating caused by harmonics will reduce energy bills
Power Factor Testing and Reporting - Power factor should be measured and addressed to avoid unnecessary expense. We have the solution for you.
  • Existing power factor correction - confirm proper operation of capacitors
  • Test and report - recommend cost savings actions
  • Expand capacity - add capacity without changing your electrical service
Typically Maintained Electrical Components
  • auto transfer switch (ATS)
  • branch circuit breaker panel
  • bus duct
  • cable testing
  • capacitor/power factor correction
  • disconnect/safety switch
  • distribution panel
  • emergency generator
  • emergency lighting/exit sign
  • high voltage testing
  • indoor/outdoor lighting
  • motor control center
  • motor starter
  • motor AC/DC
  • power conditioner
  • power distribution unit
  • production machinery
  • switchgear
  • transformer
  • uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • variable speed drive
  • wire trough/cable tray

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