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PhotoHarrington Electric Co. has been performing electrical construction projects on a design/build basis since the late 1970's.Shopping malls, office space, banks, medical facilities, manufacturing and distribution plants are examples of the type of projects designed and installed by Harrington Electric Co.

Harrington Electric Co. employs (2) degreed electrical engineers, both of which are Professional Engineers registered by the State of Ohio. All project personnel are current with the latest version of the National Electrical Code and related codes.

Harrington Electric Co. also offers telecommunications design utilizing Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD).

We utilize a network version of AutoCAD 14 as well as other design software. We plot drawings (and revisions to drawings) in our office. Our office maintains a dedicated internet connection for immediate transfer of files and correspondence.

Design/Build Advantages

Single Source Responsibility - The Design/Build approach provides engineering and construction under a single contract. This results in a single point of responsibility, maximum control by the Owner and immediate responsiveness by the contractor. "Finger pointing" is eliminated because Harrington Electric Co. is solely responsible for all aspects of the electrical system.
Time - The total project duration is significantly reduced, giving the owner use of the facility sooner. While design is being developed, purchasing, scheduling, and actual installation can begin. This short-cuts the lengthy design and bid period.
Value Engineering - The electrical contractor is often in the best position to advise the most cost effective design or product specification. This may be based on knowledge of constructability issues, the newest methods that have been successfully employed, or knowledge of specific trends with material manufacturers.
Early Knowledge of Firm Price - The Owner benefits from knowing budget pricing as the design development is occurring. Then, as the design criterion solidifies, Harrington Electric Co. can provide a firm price. Several contracting methods are available that create a partnership, between the Owner and Harrington Electric Co., committed to keeping the project under the established budget.
Reduced Administrative Burden - The Owner is not required to invest resources preparing RFPs, conducting extensive evaluations, or coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts. Rather, the Owner can focus on timely decision making.

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